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PowerPhone Issues Active Shooting Response Bulletin, Trains 600 in ASR

Recent active shooting events in Newtown, Conn., and Aurora, Colo., increase the likelihood that emergency communications centers across the country may receive an additional number of active shooter calls. In addition to frequency, there is evidence that mass shootings are growing deadlier than ever.

For these reasons, PowerPhone has published an Active Shooting Response 911 Bulletin for public safety agencies. The free bulletin may be used as agencies see fit in preparing and equipping their call takers and dispatchers with effective instructions to deal with an active shooting event.

"The unspeakable tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School happened just over an hour away from PowerPhone headquarters," said Chris Salafia, company president and CEO. "That is just too close to home. There wasn't just a need for us to do something; there was an obligation."

The ASR Bulletin features the actual Active Shooter procedure that plays an integral part in PowerPhone's Total Response call handling system, as well as an in-depth description of the methodology behind the procedure.

Based on guidelines from the Department of Homeland Security, PowerPhone's Total Response Active Shooter procedure provides the dispatcher with pre-arrival survivalâ„¢ instructions that should be offered to callers to protect their safety and that of others nearby.

In addition to the 911 Bulletin, PowerPhone hosted a series of sold-out webinars in February, titled "Active Shooting Response: What Your Center Needs to Know." Roughly 600 students participated in the free training conducted by Capt. George Deuchar.

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Download the Active Shooting Response 911 Bulletin.

"Chaos, panic and fear can only be minimized - never eliminated - when it is preceded by preparation and planning."

                    - Capt. George Deuchar,
                      Law Enforcement
                      Training Consultant,


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Active Shooting Response Training by PowerPhone

Host or contract PowerPhone to provide this training at your location!

  • 8-hour class conducted by Subject Matter Experts.
  • ASR classes currently scheduled in 40+ U.S. cities, with more being added every day.
  • Topics include: profiling the active shooter, 5 origins of active shootings, gathering vital intelligence for responders, 5 phases of the active shooter, IARD tactics, workplace violence and school shootings, ICS and more. or 800.53.POWER